Adult Forum


Adult Forums are usually held in the church Undercroft and cover such a wide variety of topics that there is a forum of interest for everyone.



May 1, 2022  11:30 A. M.   "Metro Bloom's Design for Redeemer's East Side-Dale Street."  Presented by Diana Rankin, Redeemer's  gardening expert.   Metro Blooms is a local nonprofit organization that helps design plans for sustainable, attractive landscaping that is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, preserves the watershed,    promotes practices that conserves water, uses  native plants including those that are pollinators attracting  bees and butterflies, and suggest  options for grass for lawns  and grass mowing.



May 8, 2022   11:30 A. M. “Looking to Redeemer’s Future: Our Synod “Gleaning the Harvest” Grant initiative with Walker/West Music Academy.  How this pilot project with Walker/West and our Children of Rondo Walker/West Scholarship Fund” can help us build relationships with children, youth and families in this community through music.  Led by Pastor Jim, Diana Rankin, Bonnie Hughes and Tammy Cownie. 


May 15, 2022  11:30 A. M.  "Lyngblomston Sunday."  A brief overview of the senior ministry  of Lyngblomston and Redeemer's Role. Speaker to be announced.  Arrangements by Redeemer's corporate congregation representatives, Mary Lou Knipe and Carla Johnson.


May 22, 2022  11:30 A. M.  "St. Paul  Area Synod Report."  Reported by Redeemer's  delegates Michelle Geschwill and Bob Paddock. 


May 29, 2022  No  Adult Forum--Memorial Day Weekend. 


Adult Forums resume Sept. 18

after "God's Work , Our  Hands," 

Sept. 11, 2022